Ready to learn how your facility can improve residents’ lives and make care workers’ jobs easier and safer?

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If your assisted living facility, nursing home or hospital wants to give your residents more self-esteem and independence while reducing injuries and saving precious staff time, this exclusive webinar is for you. 

Over the course of 45 minutes, you will learn how flexible, customizable bathroom solutions can cater to the physical needs of your current residents, attract new clients and make it easier for your employees to do their jobs. All while maximizing your physical space to meet ADA requirements.

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What will you learn?

Accessible and fully-customizable bathroom solutions can help any facility cater to the individual physical needs of its residents and make it safer and more efficient for care workers to do their jobs. 

In this special on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • How to make bathrooms accessible for all users, regardless of their age, size, weight and mobility
  • How Pressalit solutions boost users’ independence and self-esteem
  • How flexible and adjustable bathrooms allow careworkers to do their jobs better and faster while avoiding bodily strain and potential injuries
  • How Pressalit can help your facility live up to ADA guidelines using less space
  • Why true usability is a valuable marketing tool for attracting new residents
  • And much more

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HermanWalker_pressalit_boxMeet your host

Hi, I’m Herman Walker, the US sales director for Pressalit. I’m excited to tell you how our flexible bathroom solutions can help your facility. 

My mission is to help you keep your patients and residents as independent as long as possible while providing a safe and healthy work environment for your care workers.

I have worked with a number of hospitals and medical facilities across the country and have a keen understanding of both your commitment to care and your fiscal responsibilities. I can advise you on how to maximize revenue outcomes while ensuring that patients get the care they need and workers can assist patients efficiently and safely. 

You can book a one-on-one by clicking on my calendar below. I look forward to speaking with you!

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You can book a one-on-one meeting if you’re ready to discuss how to implement Pressalit’s solutions. 

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Who is the webinar for?

This on-demand webinar was created for facility managers at assisted living homes, nursing homes and hospitals. 

Whether you are opening a new facility, considering a remodel or simply want to upgrade your existing bathrooms with flexible, functional and economical solutions that don’t compromise on design or equipment, this webinar is for you. 

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